Pick, Diagnose & Combine Uncorrelated Strategies to Diversify your Portfolio

We connect traders with investors, removing middlemen and increasing upside for both.

The more investor success, the more investor capital, which ultimately translates into more quality strategies coming to the exchange. A virtuous ecosystem, where everybody benefits from each other’s success.

DARWINs, a Revolutionary Investment

The verified investable indices available in our ecosystem are called DARWINs.

A DARWIN is a trading strategy wrapped as a managed index.

  • Portfolio Diversification

    DARWIN indices are typically uncorrelated to traditional investments. Investors use them to smooth their portfolio return.

  • Instant Liquidity

    Indices are made up of hundreds of instruments that are instantly liquid during market hours. Use the investor app to monitor portfolio valuation second by second.

  • Controlled Risk

    Our Risk Engine controls investor risk at all times, independently of DARWIN providers. It also equalizes risk across indices and makes them apples-to-apples comparable for return.

  • Institutional Brokerage

    We offer competitive and transparent brokerage to boost investor returns by 4-12% p.a. over alternative formats. The higher investor profits, the more we grow.

  • Attractive for Traders

    Our value proposition ticks all their boxes. The platform eliminates compliance overheads. The index wrapper protects their intellectual property and accessing investors directly maximizes their revenue.

  • Funds Protection

    We keep client funds in segregated accounts with Tier 1 providers. Clients enjoy FSCS (UK) deposit insurance, as well as excess cover underwritten by Lloyd’s of London up to £5 million.

  • A Believable and Fair Pricing Model

    Our incentives are aligned to your success and the success of DARWIN providers.

    High-Water Mark Principle

    You pay performance fees only on your net, individual upside.

    Transparent Fees


    Management fee P.A.
    that goes to Darwinex


    Performance fee
    5% goes to Darwinex
    15% to the DARWIN Provider.

    Get Started

    Deploy live capital in small increments and scale as you grow confident.

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    Get Started

    Deploy live capital in small increments and scale as you grow confident.

    Pick Sample Portfolio

    Backtest Performance

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    Request 1 to 1 Session

    Start with a predefined DARWINs selection

    Assess return/risk & monitor evolution

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    Benefit from our experts’ know-how

    Our Risk Engine Responds Round the Clock

    Our Algorithmic Risk Engine monitors strategies for outsize positions, scaling risk down where necessary to protect your capital. Minute by minute, 24/5.

    You purchase strategies directly from us, not from DARWIN providers. Our risk management process protects us alongside your capital.

    Technology that Backs you All the Way

    We’ve re-designed the asset management value chain to attract quality providers and increase investor returns.

  • Proprietary Platform

    A carefully crafted investment platform to help you identify, diagnose and combine strategies.

  • Advanced Toolkit

    The DARWIN API stores Index history and streams live feeds to power your own analytics.

  • Access to Traditional Markets

    If you like to trade traditional markets, check the Darwinex OTC and IBKR product offering.

  • Building Trust since 2012

    More than 10 years of experience growing traders and supporting investors under a solid ecosystem.

    We manage risk at arm's length from DARWIN providers, which keeps our client funds, our capital and our reputation safe. We are a FinTech authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and offer complimentary deposit insurance up to £5,000,000 as excess of FSCS, underwritten by Lloyds of London. We custody your funds in segregated accounts with leading banks such as Santander and Natwest.