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IBKR Integration

Trade with Interactive Brokers, Grow AuM with Darwinex

Attract Investor Capital while Trading on your IBKR Account

A service supported by our dedicated customer success team.

Trade with Interactive Brokers, benefit from our infrastructure to attract capital and get the support of our Customer Sucess Team. All, without any additional cost.

What to expect

DARWIN & Classic Accounts


Trade as you normally would, grow your Assets Under Management (AuM) and earn performance fees on the profits you generate by creating your DARWIN index.

Trading the IBKR futures, USA stocks and ETFs supported by Darwinex gives you access to an innovative analytical toolkit to assess your strategy and other indices.

Your DARWIN index generates revenue via three sources:

  • cupSeed Allocation - We allocate up to €10 million a month to the best traders in our monthly capital allocation programme (DarwinIA), committing the allocation for 6 months and paying 15% success fee.
  • cupThird Party Capital - Our investors invest in your DARWIN index and pay us 15% of the profits you generate. We collect and pay you the fees on a quarterly basis.
  • cupAttract Investors - Approach investors with your own brand, your fee structure and our regulatory compliance with Darwinex Pro.

Classic IBKR Account

Trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds and more on 150 global markets with IBKR fixed pricing conditions.

Go one step forward (coming soon)

You can move your track record to a DARWIN account when you decide. We will analyze the traded assets eligible for a DARWIN creation and we will migrate your track record to a DARWIN IBKR account.

Already an IBKR Client?

Move your Account to Darwinex and Embrace our Advantages

If you currently hold an account with Interactive Brokers, keep trading with them and create your investable index with us. Keep your IBKR account with the same IBKR fixed pricing conditions and no extra paperwork.

Seamless Process

  • icon userRegister with Darwinex and we’ll guide you through the process to move your account to us.
  • icon userYou’ll be able to transform your strategy into an investable index, your DARWIN, and start attracting investor capital if you request so.
  • cupIn your DARWIN account you'll find your track record accrued with IBKR, showing the performance of your trades on the eligible IBKR assets for a DARWIN creation (Stocks, Futures and ETFs) exclusively, plus providing access to a wide range of analytics available on our platform.

*Existing IBKR clients introduced by an introducing broker are not entitled to move their account to us. Please contact for more information.

Boost your trading experience

A wide range of platforms are integrated with IBKR

  • TradingView

    The leading charting platform to spot trading opportunities across the markets. Open the TradingView trading panel and connect your IBKR trading account.

  • Client Portal - Web Trader

    The one-stop destination to view, trade and manage your account with one login and no downloads.

  • Trader Workstation (TWS)

    IBKR flagship platform available in Desktop, Mobile and API to trade and to thrive.

  • Other Trading Platforms

    NinjaTrader - MultiCharts - Zorro IB Bridge - IB Gateway