We Power Trading Talent & Connect it with Investors

We allocate investor and seed capital as you build your track record under our regulatory umbrella.

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    Maximum leverage in FX

Your triumph as a trader is our mission

The more profitable you are, the better for you, our investors and ourselves. Our business model is based on a virtuous circle where if you win, we all win.

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    Trade under the best conditions

    Trade stocks, futures, ETFs, FX and OTC products with our broker or with your Interactive Brokers account. You can also import your track record from other platforms.

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    Receive seed capital

    Every month, we allocate seed capital to the top strategies through DarwinIA. You earn 15% of the profit you generate on the allocation. This service is tied to having a DARWIN type account.

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    Attract investor capital

    We expose your strategy to professional and retail investors so they can invest in it from day one and pay you for the profits you generate for them.

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    Upgrade to Darwinex Pro

    Utilize our Hedge Fund as a Service with a white-label platform, regulatory umbrella and customized conditions.

  • A universe of assets
    at your fingertips

    Forex and OTC Products

    Attract capital with your forex, stocks, ETFs, commodities, and indices strategies in CFD format.

    Ultra-fast execution, interbank spreads starting from 0.0 pips, and discounts for top traders.

    Stocks, Futures & ETFs

    Trade your Interactive Brokers account and attract seed and third-party capital with Darwinex.

    You benefit from the trading conditions of IBKR and our customer service. The best of both worlds without any extra paperwork or additional cost.

    Broker and Asset Manager since 2012

    Regulated in Seychelles (FSA), the EU (CNMV) & the UK (FCA)

    Certify your Track Record and Stand Out from the Rest

    When you trade with us, you grant us access to your trade details and we certify your track record.

    Within our ecosystem, you have the opportunity to attract seed and investor capital alongside other traders. This 'competition' for capital is fair and balanced as we standardize the risk of all track records, allowing you to develop your strategy on an equal footing with others. We allocate capital based on merit, not luck. The rest is simple: the better you perform, the more capital you attract.

    Profit from your Success

    Your certified track record opens the door to two sources of capital for which you earn a 15% performance fee. Both sources are supported by our regulatory umbrella, meaning you do not need to be regulated on your own to earn fees for the success you generate for others.


    Seed capital every month

    The better you perform, the larger the allocation. You start at DarwinIA SILVER level, where approximately 15% of participants receive an allocation each month, and receiving an allocation is feasible from your very first month. In the second level, DarwinIA GOLD, you participate against the top traders and you can accumulate up to 3 million under management.

    Discover DarwinIA

    Investor Capital

    Scalable and Unlimited Leverage

    You only need to focus on trading well. Our Asset Manager brings the investors, and we protect your intellectual property so that no one can copy trades without paying you for it. You can access investor capital from day one and we pay you a 15% fee on all the profits you generate for them.

    Third Party Capital

    Discover strategies with millions under management

    Past performance is not an indication of future results.

    Still unsure about opening a live account?

    Build the confidence your strategy needs in Darwinex Zero before moving to a live account. Get the same service as in Darwinex but for €38 per month, without risking your capital.

    When ready, migrate your Darwinex Zero track record to Darwinex.


    Trade in a virtual trading account where you only risk your subscription.


    Pay only €38 per month. Cancel your subscription anytime.


    Traders in the US, Canada, Japan, and others can subscribe to the service.